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Loyalty Program

Please read information on terms of discount program of M-HOTEL.

The program is valid only for individual Guests who reserve room via "M-HOTEL".

  • Discount Card is issued only if you request it, according to the following rules.
  • When receiving a discount card for the first time, it is necessary to fill in the form of a Discount Card holder.
  • 20% Discpunt Card (Gold Card) is personal card. You may hand over your 10% Discount card (Silver Card) to your friends, relatives and acquaintances,- but in this case staying would not be summed for getting card of bigger discount.
  • Administration of “M-hotel” has a right to make changes in the rules of Discount program.


  • If you stay at M-HOTEL for the first time, you can request a 5% Discount Coupon at the reception desk when leaving the hotel. You can use this Discount Card during your second stay and third stay in M-HOTEL.
  • If you stay at M-HOTEL for the third time, you can request a 10% Discount Card at the reception desk when leaving the hotel. You can use this discount card during your next stays in M-HOTEL.
  • If you have stayed in M-HOTEL more than 7 times, you can request a 20% Discount Card of the VIP-guest at the reception desk (to change 10% Card for 20% Card).
  • If you don’t want to go this way to get 20% discount – you can buy 20% Discount Card for 10000 Rubles at the reception desk. It is not allowed to buy 10% Discount Card.


  • To get a discount it is obligatory to present the Discount Card before the calculation and payment for your stay.
  • It is possible to make calculation and payment at the reception desk on your arrival or you may do it in advance while making reservation.
  • The discount card does not apply to the additional services, "late check-out" with hour payment and rates which don't include breakfast.
  • If the discount card is lost or damaged it can be restored. The restoration of the card costs 1000 rubles.
  • The discount card is a property of M-HOTEL and it may be cancelled by decision of our Administration if a card holder has violated the rules of staying in the hotels, damaged hotels’ property and reputation.
  • Discounts are not summed. So, if you have a Discount Card you can choose if you take a special offer or use your Discount Card.
  • The program can’t be used by guests who reserve room vie company/tourist office. According to this program discounts are valid only for reservations via "M-HOTEL" website / telephone / e-mail.