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The instruction about observance of fire prevention rules and actions on a case of a fire.

Dear visitors

We ask you to observe fire prevention rules:

  1.  Application and storage of explosive, fire-dangerous substances and materials are forbidden.
  2.  It is forbidden to use electro heating devices (including boilers, electric kettles, electro irons, electro tiles), which do not having devices of thermal protection, without supports from nonflammable heat-insulated materials, excluding danger of occurrence of a fire.
  3. It is forbidden to cover the included desk lamps, floor lamps, heaters.
  4. Leaving room do not forget to switch off the TV, lamps of illumination.
  1. Smoking may become the reason of fire. Please, smoke in special area.
  2. Get familiar with the plan of evacuation located in a corridor of a floor and in number, remember evacuation outputs and ladders.
  1. It is totally forbidden to disassemble fire extinguishers.


In case of detection of a fire or smoke blanketing you must:

- immediately phone to administrator on duty - "0", or to fire protection by phone 9-01;

- take measures for fire extinguishing;

- in case the liquidation of the center of burning is impossible, leave your room, close windows and the door, but don’t lock them;

- leave a dangerous zone and operate under the instructions of administration;

- if corridors and staircases are filled strongly with smoke and it is impossible to leave the room, it is necessary to stay there and open all windows wide.

Closed and well sealed door can protect you from dangerous temperature for a long time. To avoid poisoning with a smoke, close cracks and ventilating apertures a material moistened by water or other improvised means.

With arrival of the firemen to the place of the incident you should approach to a window and give a sign on rendering to help you.


Smoking in the rooms and on the whole hotel territory is forbidden.